Find a Trainer or Puppy Class

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Here, we have:
  • Tips for choosing a good puppy class or trainer
  • Dog trainer search engines to find a trainer/puppy class near you
  • Listings of recommended trainers by region


Finding a good trainer: buyer beware

The dog training industry is largely unregulated and anyone can call themselves a “professional dog trainer,” which means there are a lot of poor quality trainers, and trainers teaching… questionable methods out there. Research carefully.

If possible, find a trainer with one of the following certifications:
  • Certified Professional Dog Trainer (”Jane Smith, CPDT-KA or CPDT-KSA”
  • Karen Pryor Academy graduate (”Jane Smith, CTP”)
  • Academy for Dog Trainers graduate (”Jane Smith, CTC”)

Dog trainers are not legally required to be certified, and just because a trainer doesn’t have one of these certifications, doesn’t mean they’re a bad choice. But finding a trainer with one of these certifications gives you some assurance that you’re working with someone who knows their stuff, and uses modern, effective, humane methods.

See: Socialization Course: Puppy Classes/Parties

Check out this link on How to Choose a Dog Trainer 

Trainer search engines

World-wide: Karen Pryor Academy-certified trainers

World-wide: Association of Professional Dog Trainers 

Australia: Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia

UK: Association of Pet Dog Trainers UK

Trainer listings by region

If you happen to live in one of the following very specific areas, you’re in luck. I am not in any way connected with the following trainers and training schools; they’re just ones whose work I’m familiar with and feel pretty good about recommending. Still, always do your due diligence.


Gold Coast, Queensland
Beacon Dog Training


British Columbia
AnimalKind Dog Training Companies – a list of trainers who use modern methods.


Phoenix, AZ
Arizona Humane Society – this is where Hazel and River went for puppy parties

Bay Area/Sacramento/Roseville, CA
Sirius Dog Training

San Francisco, CA
The SF SPCA – they’ve been on the leading edge of dog training for years.

Portland, ME
Gooddogz Training

Seattle, WA
AHIMSA Dog Training