I Got a Dog - What Was I Thinking? 

A guide to surviving life with your new dog or puppy 

This ebook will help you deal with challenges like house training, puppy biting, and bonding. It will also help you deal with the monsters in your head. It’s about what to do when sleep-deprivation and self-doubt make you want to throw in the towel and put the puppy up for sale on Craigslist.  

You'll learn:

  •  How to house train your dog even if she’s had a lot of accidents 
  • How to teach your dog not to freak out when he’s alone 
  • How to survive bedtime with a puppy who whines all night 
  • How to stop being stressed and overwhelmed all the time
  • And more - scroll down for a detailed list of what’s included  

This guide will help you solve behavior problems, teach your dog good habits, and build that beautiful bond you were dreaming about before you brought your new buddy home.

(Update: I'm always working on improving my dog training skillz, and I've learned a few things since I wrote this book. The content of the book is still solid, but if you'd like our most up-to-date and effective advice, check out our newer online program, Puppy Survival School)

Since this is an ebook, you’ll get instant access. No waiting for a physical book to take its sweet time to ship to you. It’s in PDF format, viewable on your phone, tablet, or computer.  

Note: this book contains a light sprinkling of foul language.  

Price: $10  

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When caring for your new dog turns out to be a lot harder than you expected

Sometimes when you get a dog, everything goes swell. You pick up your new Man’s Best Friend from the shelter or the breeder and ride off into the sunset to live happily ever after. But sometimes it does not go swell. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, everything seems to go wrong. Some problem comes up that makes you doubt whether you can actually handle this. You may encounter problems like:  

  • Your puppy never stops biting  
  • Your puppy plays too rough with the kids, and now the kids are afraid of the puppy  
  • Your dog pees all over the house  
  • You can’t leave the dog alone for five minutes without her getting into trouble or whining her head off  
  • Your adorable puppy doesn’t seem to like you… and you don’t like him  
  • The thought of sustaining this puppy-care workload makes you want to curl up in a ball and die  

Maybe you’ve tried teaching your dog manners, but it hasn’t worked. There’s so much dog training information and so many conflicting opinions out there, where do you even START? Maybe you feel bad for putting your family through this stress. You wanted your dog to be a buddy for your kids. Instead, the kids are upset and tensions between your family members have skyrocketed. You might think you’re in over your head. Like maybe you should just return the puppy and be done with it – and you feel pretty crappy for even considering such an option. No matter what you’re experiencing, one thing is for sure: You knew getting a dog would be a challenge, but holy crap, you were not prepared for THIS. 

It’s probably making you wonder: “dog ownership is supposed to be fun! What gives? Do I have a horrible puppy? Am I a horrible person?” No, you’re not a horrible person. And you don’t have a horrible puppy. What you’re experiencing is actually pretty common. Allow me to explain.

Why this is so freakin’ hard:

Getting a dog disrupts every part of your life. A new dog, especially a puppy, requires a ton of attention. You don’t get much sleep, all your daily routines get screwed up, and your free time evaporates.  

You want to make sure you do this right, but information overload has you second-guessing your every move.  

Add your dog’s obnoxious behavior to this mix of self-doubt and sleep-deprivation, and you have a recipe for something I like to call:  

The “What The **** Was I Thinking?!” phase of dog ownership (WTFWIT, for short) 

This phase can begin a few hours, days, or weeks after you bring your dog home.  

5 Signs You’re Experiencing a Case of WTFWIT:

  • I’m a prisoner in my own home 
  • I’m pretty sure I adopted the worst dog in the world 
  • My old dog was so much better 
  • I resent this dog and I feel guilty for resenting the dog 
  • I had dogs growing up and/or I did a ton of research, but I was not prepared for THIS  

If you can relate to these statements (or anything else we’ve talked about so far) you’re smack in the middle of the WTFWIT phase. Your brain has hit the panic button. “I’ve made a terrible mistake! Abort mission!”  

This is why you’ve found yourself tempted to get rid of the dog, even though you NEVER thought you’d be the kind of person who would get rid of their dog.  

You don’t hear about it much, but this phase happens to many new puppy parents. It’s normal. It’s temporary. But judging by all the dogs who get returned within weeks of being adopted, not everyone makes it through. The WTFWIT phase breaks a lot of good people.  

The good news: it’s not too late. You don’t have to get rid of your dog.  

You can still have that glorious interspecies friendship you’ve always dreamed of.  

You can still live happily ever after. It’s just gonna take some work.  

Just like pretty much everything else that’s worth doing, right?

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Language disclaimer: This is the only dog training guide I’ve ever seen that uses the word “s**t.” Not excessively, but still. If that’s your thing, awesome. If that’s not your thing, no problem. If you’d like a recommendation for some good dogs books with less-salty language, drop me a line.

Price: $10  

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