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The Rescue Dog Roadmap

This is for you if you adopted a dog over the age of six months. This roadmap will show you how to use the Academy courses to get your new dog settled in, plus provide some extra information you won’t find in the courses.

Baby Cujo (Webinar Recording)

Has your under-seven-months-old puppy started barking or growling at people or dogs on the street? This webinar will explain what to do, and, possibly even more important, what not to do with your adorable little Cujo.

Surviving Your Puppy's Crazy Energy (Webinar Recording)

All about hyper puppies! Learn what to expect from your pup energy-wise, and what factors make hyperactivity worse. We talk about how to calm them down, and share some ideas for channeling their energy in ways you like.

So Your Dog Won't Work For Food (Webinar Recording)

Troubleshooting your food motivation challenges (with advice that goes beyond "just use better treats!"