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Engagement & Focus Foundation

If you’ve been trying really hard to get your dog to follow commands out in the world, but you just can’t keep their attention, it’s likely that engagement is the missing puzzle piece.

Engagement is key for building reliable behaviors and getting your dog to focus in the presence of distractions.
But it goes beyond that: It’s about building a solid relationship.
Want that unbreakable, Timmy and Lassie bond? Engagement work is a big part of how you achieve it.
Every week for the next 4-5 weeks, we’ll release a new set of lessons and homework. After that, all the material will remain available as a self-study course. So you can follow along live, or start it whenever you’re ready.

Included with your All-Access Pass membership.

The All-Access Pass

Get all our courses, bonuses, and support for one low monthly price

Build your bond and get your dog to WANT to listen to you

The training techniques in the Academy are dog-friendly (and human-friendly!) and teach your dog that you are amazing and fun to be around.

Want even more guidance and a customized training plan?

The virtual dog training program might be right for you. Now accepting new clients!

Looking for Puppy Survival School?

Our puppy program will teach you how to raise a happy, well-behaved puppy without losing your mind.

It comes with eight courses, each covering a different area of puppy life, plus some bonuses to help you make progress quickly.

And the whole thing is included with the All-Access Pass!

Training designed for real life, filmed in real life

Our tutorials are full of video demonstrations using real training footage. You'll get to see the "demo dogs" (aka our own dogs who we love very much) go from baby steps to advanced training. We'll even point out our mistakes. And this is no fancy studio production. The videos were recorded in our messy houses, with our noisy housemates. You won't have to use your imagination to figure out how these lessons fit into real life; you'll get to watch them happen in real life.

As an All-Access member, you'll receive:

Support on your training journey

The courses are self-study, but you don’t have to go it alone.

You’re invited to our twice-monthly live coaching calls on Zoom where you can tell us about your situation, and we’ll give you some tailored advice.

Can’t attend the live session? No worries! Submit your questions in advance and then watch the replay.

You also get access to our forums where you can ask questions, vent about your canine conundrums, and share your wins.

Immediate access to our full course/content library

All of our step-by-step dog training courses are at your fingertips. We cover topics like reliable recalls, pulling on leash, puppy biting, and more. Here’s the complete course list. 

We also have a content library of webinar recordings and other bonus content for you to check out.

The rescue dog roadmap

The most common question we get about our big flagship program, Puppy Survival School, is “will this work for my new adult/teenage rescue dog?”

The short answer is… mostly, but not completely. Raising a puppy and a rescue dog are similar, but different experiences. What all you folks with a new rescue dog really need are bits and pieces of ALL our courses.

So we’ve created a new feature: the rescue dog roadmap. It’ll show you exactly which lessons to take from each course, so you can get your new dog settled in.

We’ll be adding more roadmaps over the next few months, to help you quickly make progress on a variety of canine issues.

Achievement badges!

Most of the courses let you earn badges or level-up as you work through them. 

With this feature, we aim to give you a fun way to track your progress and celebrate all your wins along the way.


What people say about 3 Lost Dogs

Terianne writes: Dear Jake, I just want to thank you so much for starting the 3 Lost Dogs Academy. My Husband found your courses and pointed them out to me when I was losing my mind. We recently adopted a 5-6 month old Blue nose pit mix and he was a touch more than a bargained for. When I thought 'This is it? What was I thinking?' He found your academy and it has given me a clear way forward to understand Kevin and better meet his needs. It's nice to finally be bonding with my boy and not be endlessly frustrated with him. So thank you again, really.
Susan writes: Jake, you and Erin are fabulous - thank you for all these great resources. I plan to use all of them and am so happy I found 3 Lost Dogs. Also, congratulations to you and Erin - what a wonderful team/couple you make! Best, Susan and Molly


These are all included with an All-Access Pass:

Super Recall

Get your dog to pay attention to you in public and reliably come when called, with just 15 minutes of training per day.

Practical Leash Manners: Loose Leash Walking

Finally get your dog to stop pulling and happily walk WITH you, with a step-by-step plan that mortals can follow.

Dog Introductions Demystified

All about techniques for safe and happy dog introductions, plus a deep dive into the body language and “rules” of dog to dog interaction. Consider it our advanced Dog Speak class.

Mini course: How to Get Your Dog to Work for Food

Troubleshooting food motivation issues (with advice that goes beyond "just use better treats!")

Foundation for a Well-Behaved Puppy

This will help you quickly get puppy problems under control and be a lot less overwhelmed. (Haven’t brought your pup home yet? Foundation will help prevent problems and establish good habits from the beginning)

Puppy Life Skills

Teach your puppy important "life skills" that will save you time and help you get your freedom back.

House Training

Potty train your dog with a simple plan that actually works, even if they've had a lot of accidents.

Puppy Biting

Learn how to survive the hyper crazy bitey phase.

Baby Obedience Training

Video tutorials for teaching your puppy cues and basic manners that will make life easier, using fun games and puppy-friendly methods.

The WTFWIT-Phase

A guide to the critical but often-ignored mental and emotional side of raising a puppy.

Dog Training Essentials

This mini course will teach you the basics you need to know to start thinking like a dog trainer and improve your results.

Understanding Your Puppy

Learn how to understand your puppy, so you can communicate clearly and reduce frustration

Puppy Socialization

Teach your puppy about the world in a way that's fun, builds your bond, and turns her into the best dog she can be


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  • Twice-monthly live Q&A Zoom sessions with Jake and Erin
  • The Rescue Dog Roadmap
  • Forums
  • Achievement badges
  • New content added monthly

The 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you decide the Academy isn’t for you, send us an email within two months of purchase and we’ll refund 100% of your payment, no questions asked.


We’re Erin Buvala and Jake Buvala, a husband-and-wife dog training team. We’re all about providing non-judgy, effective, modern training information to dog owners. 

Fun fact: we met because of 3 Lost Dogs. I (Jake) had been running solo for years. Erin adopted a particularly challenging dog (seriously – ask us about the time he ate an entire couch). She emailed me to get my thoughts on the situation, and 70 emails later, we decided to get married and also work together. Totally normal, right?

We’ve spent time in the dog ownership trenches ourselves. We know what it’s like to feel fed up, exhausted, and even angry when it comes to our dogs and their “issues.” We’ve both had those moments of thinking, “maybe getting this dog was a bad idea,” and “wow I’m literally the worst dog owner on the planet. I suck at this.” 

We know what it’s like, so we’re dedicated to helping other people make it out of that trench of despair, and get to the good parts of dog life.