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A note from a member

“We wanted to extend a heartfelt thanks for your help over the past months. Your videos, and your no-nonsense and humble delivery of information, were invaluable as we navigated raising our sweet but drivey and high-arousal young’un. We’re better parents for it and Olive has a clearer sense of his place in the family and household, and we all made it to the other side in one piece. So, thanks thanks thanks.”

Andrew and Mathi

As an All-Access member, you'll receive:

Support on your training journey

The courses are self-study, but you don’t have to go it alone.

You’re invited to our twice-monthly live coaching calls on Zoom where you can tell us about your situation, and we’ll give you some tailored advice.

Can’t attend the live session? No worries! Submit your questions in advance and then watch the replay.

You also get access to our forums where you can ask questions, vent about your canine conundrums, and share your wins.

Immediate access to our full course/content library

All of our step-by-step dog training courses are at your fingertips. We cover topics like reliable recalls, pulling on leash, puppy biting, and more. Here’s the complete course list. 

We also have a content library of webinar recordings and other bonus content for you to check out.

The rescue dog roadmap

The most common question we get about our big flagship program, Puppy Survival School, is “will this work for my new adult/teenage rescue dog?”

The short answer is… mostly, but not completely. Raising a puppy and a rescue dog are similar, but different experiences. What all you folks with a new rescue dog really need are bits and pieces of ALL our courses.

So the Rescue Dog Roadmap is designed to show you exactly which lessons to take from each course, so you can get your new dog settled in.

Achievement badges!

Most of the courses let you earn badges or level-up as you work through them. 

With this feature, we aim to give you a fun way to track your progress and celebrate all your wins along the way.

More kind words from our members:

“Emma is my 4th dog, but my first puppy. To say I was terrified of messing her up and doing all the wrong things, is a total understatement. In my frantic Google searches I found your WTFWIT video on YouTube and knew that your method was for me. I’ve been studying diligently, and were still in the honeymoon phase, but 3 days into getting Emma and she responds to her name, sits on command, sits to say please, has made tremendous potty and crate progress, follows the leader, and is a tug champion.

From watching your videos and reading your material, I feel empowered and knowledgeable and no longer terrified. I know what I’m doing (kinda), I can spot bad advice from well meaning friends and family, and I’m confident that I will have a well behaved, well adjusted puppy.

Thank you to infinity and beyond for helping to make our family a happy one.”

Simone and Jon

“Dear Jake,

I just want to thank you so much for starting the 3 Lost Dogs Academy. My Husband found your courses and pointed them out to me when I was losing my mind. We recently adopted a 5-6 month old Blue nose pit mix and he was a touch more than I bargained for. When I thought ‘This is it? What was I thinking?’ He found your academy and it has given me a clear way forward to understand Kevin and better meet his needs. 

It’s nice to finally be bonding with my boy and not be endlessly frustrated with him. So thank you again, really.” 



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  • All of our courses
  • Twice-monthly live Q&A Zoom sessions with Jake and Erin
  • The Rescue Dog Roadmap
  • Forums
  • Achievement badges
  • New content added monthly


Like getting five months free!
$ 147 Per year
  • Includes:
  • All of our courses
  • Twice-monthly live Q&A Zoom sessions with Jake and Erin
  • The Rescue Dog Roadmap
  • Forums
  • Achievement badges
  • New content added monthly
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