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What our clients say:

Susan writes: Jake, you and Erin are fabulous - thank you for all these great resources. I plan to use all of them and am so happy I found 3 Lost Dogs. Also, congratulations to you and Erin - what a wonderful team/couple you make! Best, Susan and Molly
Danielle writes: Hi Jake! Thank you so much for your time video chatting with me last week. I wanted to follow up and let you know that adding the mental stimulation has worked wonders for Ollie! He is doing so well with the Baby Obedience training, it's amazing how quickly he learns. Thank you again for your help - I would recommend 3LostDogs to anyone with a new puppy! You guys are amazing and have saved our sanity...Ollie is definitely growing into a well behaved and under control puppy! Of course he had his wild moments, but it's so much more enjoyable to play with him during these times when they last for a little while, and not all day long. Thanks again and I will be in touch if we get stuck again!!
Heather writes: Jake & Erin You guys are the best! Went to REI earlier today and picked up the Ruffwear front range harness. With the technique in the training video, roasted chicken and the lick mat, I was able to successfully put Odin's harness on with out any biting or fussing. He was calm and not panting! Thank you so much. We are looking forward to getting started on the rest of our homework 😀 Have a great weekend!


Puppy Survival School - Coaching Edition

Hey, puppy parents! 

Do you want a customized puppy training plan, with coaching every step along the way? Do you want to be able to show us video of you working with your pup, so we can give you some friendly feedback and help you improve your skills?

That’s what this package is for.

It includes our complete Puppy Survival School program, plus four one-hour video chats with us. 

Video chats are held weekly via Zoom meeting, at a time that works for you. 

Designed for puppies up to five months of age. (That means they can be up to five months old at the time of joining the program)

What to expect: 

At our first session, us humans will chat (no puppies necessary). We’ll ask you lots of questions so we can give you the most accurate advice possible, we’ll answer your questions, and create a customized training plan. 

Over the four weeks, we’ll give you homework to do, and have you upload videos of your puppy training so we can give you pointers. 

At sessions 2-4, we’ll troubleshoot any issues that develop, and decide what to do next. If you’d like, you can even put your pup in front of the camera, and we’ll coach you through a training session, live!

Coaching add-on for current Puppy Survival School members

Already own Puppy Survival School? You can add the above package to your membership at a discounted rate.

Other coaching:

At the moment, we’re only accepting new clients for the above puppy program (for pups up to five months old at the time of sign-up)

Want us to let you know when we open up other coaching spots/programs? Make sure you’re on our email list, and you’ll be among the first to get an invite: