Course List

These courses are all included with an All-Access Pass membership. When you join, you’ll receive instant to all of them and you can work through them at your own pace.

Dog Training Essentials

This mini course will teach you the basics you need to know to start thinking like a dog trainer and improve your results.

Super Recall

Get your dog to reliably and enthusiastically come when called, with just 15 minutes of training per day. Click here for full details.

Practical Leash Manners

Finally get your dog to stop pulling and happily walk WITH you, with a step-by-step plan that mortals can follow. Click for full details.

Engagement & Focus Foundation

If you’ve taught your dog obedience commands but they act like you don’t exist as soon as you leave the house together, this one’s for you. Engagement is key for building reliable behaviors and getting your dog to focus in the presence of distractions. Click for full details.

Dog Introductions Demystified

All about techniques for safe and happy dog introductions, plus a deep dive into the body language and “rules” of dog to dog interaction. Consider it our advanced Dog Speak class. Click here for full details.

Mini course: How to Get Your Dog to Work for Food

Troubleshooting food motivation issues (with advice that goes beyond “just use better treats!”)

From the Puppy Survival School series

These courses (also included with an All-Access Pass) make up our puppy program, but they can also help with your adult dog, too. Click to learn more about Puppy Survival School.

Foundation for a Happy, Well-Behaved Puppy

This will help you quickly get puppy problems under control and be a lot less overwhelmed. (Haven’t brought your pup home yet? Foundation will help prevent problems and establish good habits from the beginning)

House Training

Potty train your dog with a simple plan that actually works, even if they’ve had a lot of accidents.

Puppy Biting

Learn how to survive your puppy’s hyper crazy bitey phase.

Baby Obedience Training

Video tutorials for teaching your puppy cues and basic manners that will make life easier, using fun games and puppy-friendly methods. 

Understanding Your Puppy

Learn how to understand your puppy, so you can communicate clearly and reduce frustration.

Puppy Life Skills

Teach your puppy important “life skills” that will save you time and help you get your freedom back.

Puppy Socialization

Teach your puppy about the world in a way that’s fun, builds your bond, and turns them into the best dog they can be.

Puppy Blues: The WTFWIT Phase

A guide to the critical but often-ignored mental and emotional side of raising a puppy.

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