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  • getsmartpuppy6

    March 15, 2023 at 11:39 pm


    Thank you. There are times when redirect works. Sometimes a sit/stay or a toy gets him to stop but probably about 25% of the time. And occurring at the beginning of a play/training session or the end. There are times when it appears that he needs out and he may want our attention but he does it outside also.

    Relative to Joey lunging at dogs/people and cars, he wants to get to them to have fun. He loved playing with his classmates during school and loves saying hi to everyone. Cars and delivery trucks are a concern. We are far enough away that he will not get close. Just wanting him to sit when cued and not jump on anyone or get bitty..

    Since you mentioned that his ankle biting may be a hyper attack mode, what do you think about using a water spray bottle when puppys act up? When going through puppy training at the big pet store, the trainer suggested to someone that they use the spray bottle when the puppy was chewing furniture. Several in the class said they have used this method with good results. How do you feel?

    Again thank you. Most appreciated,