New course: Engagement & Focus Foundations starts today

Our newest course, Engagement and Focus Foundations, is now open!

Engagement is a key ingredient for building reliable behaviors and getting your dog to focus in the presence of distractions. If you’ve been trying really hard to get your dog to follow commands out in the world, but you just can’t keep their attention, it’s likely that engagement is the missing puzzle piece.

But it goes beyond that. It’s about building a solid relationship. Want that unbreakable, Timmy and Lassie bond? Engagement work is a big part of how you achieve it.

This course will teach you how to build this foundation.

Unlike most of our self-study courses, we’re doing this one more like a live class: Once a week for 4-5 weeks, we’ll release a new set of lessons and step-by-step homework. We’re available to answer questions and review your homework footage, if you’d like.

The first week of content is now up. 

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