One-on-one coaching: You can now book single coaching sessions

Need direct help but forums and group Q&As aren’t the right fit? Need advice from a trainer but can’t drop hundreds of dollars on a coaching package?  

WELL. Current All-Access Pass members can now set up a single coaching session and pick Jake’s brain about any dog topic you desire. We closed this feature down for a bit while we focused on other projects, but it’s back yaaaay!

Less intensive than our full private coaching program, this is a good option for things like:

  • Gaining clarity and reducing how overwhelmed and lost you feel.
  • Troubleshooting a sticky point in your training.
  • Figuring out where the heck to start with your dog’s training.
  • Making sure you’re ready before your new dog comes home.

Cost: $50 USD for a one-hour private Zoom meeting. (And we’ll credit your payment toward a full coaching package, if you decide to upgrade)

Click here to learn more and sign up