Puppy overstimulated on walks, dog doesn’t come when called, exercising teenage dogs + more Q&A November 18, 2023

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  • 1:18 My puppy doesn’t like to go potty in the rain.
  • 6:25 My 104 lb Newfoundland is hard to control when she’s pulling on leash toward something she wants.
  • 8:38 My puppy gets hyper and overstimulated on walks, and I’m not sure what, if anything, I should do to calm her down.
  • 20:49 Recall training with a teenage puppy: I have a hard time getting my dog to come back when she’s off-leash.
  • 39:30 Celebrating a student win: Erin I’s dog has mastered the close-the-door-behind-you trick.
  • 41:36 Question about an interesting behavior: my dog wasn’t super excited to see me when he picked me up from the airport.
  • 50:51 “Talking dogs:” What our our thoughts on the talking button phenomenon and dogs like Bunny? Leads to a conversation about the inner lives of dogs and the major differences between how humans and dogs experience the world.
  • 1:05:32 More tips for calming overstimulated puppies. Is it ever too much? Am I overdoing the activities with my puppy?
  • 1:11:35 Body language interpretation and an invitation to send us videos to analyze.
  • 1:14:12 Teenage puppy biting during play
  • 1:16:57 (Jody) If over-exercising a teenage dog isn’t good, should I be concerned about how active my dog is?