Available courses

All of these courses are included in our monthly All-Access Pass! Membership also includes forums, bonus content, and twice-monthly group Q&A sessions with Jake and Erin. 

Practical Leash Manners: Loose Leash Walking

Finally get your dog to stop pulling on leash and happily walk WITH you, with a step-by-step plan that mortals can follow.

Puppy Survival School

Learn how to raise a happy, well-behaved puppy without losing your mind! Our most comprehensive program ever, it includes eight courses that each tackle a different area of puppy life.

The House Training Course

Making potty training as simple and drama-free as possible. This course will give you a step-by-step plan that works even if your dog has had a lot of accidents!

(Technically part of the Puppy Survival School program, but it works for dogs of all ages)

The Super Recall

Get your dog to pay attention to you in public and reliably come when you call them, with just 15 minutes of training per day.

Dog Introductions Demystified

All about techniques for safe and happy dog introductions, plus a deep dive into the body language and “rules” of dog to dog interaction.

Also includes Dog Parks Demystified and other bonus content.