Baby Cujo: What to Do When Your Puppy is Reactive/Aggressive Toward Strangers (webinar recording + links)

Normally, our webinars are for members only, but we decided to open this one up to everyone. Come on in, y’all!

Description: Has your under-seven-months-old puppy started barking or growling at people or dogs on the street? Wondering what the heck to do about it?

The good news is that this kind of behavior is usually pretty easy to modify in puppies. So there’s no need to panic! But you do have to act fast, because it becomes harder and more complicated to deal with the older the dog gets. If your pup is acting aggressively, working on that needs to be a priority.

This webinar will explain what to do, and, possibly even more important, what not to do with your adorable little Cujo. I’ll talk about raising my reactive puppy, River, what I did right with her, and what I wish I’d done differently. There’s a video demo of her training, and a live Q&A at the end.

Note: The recording function was being glitchy and kept stopping, so that’s why there are some random cuts in the video. And it cut off the last fifteen minutes of the Q&A. Sorry about that. I’ll write a strongly worded letter to Zoom or something.

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