The Help Desk

This page will show you how to navigate the site, edit or cancel your membership, and get your questions answered.

Contact us

For technical help or customer service requests: email Jake at

For dog questions or questions about the course content: post on the forums.

“How do I find…”

Here’s a quick tour:

Dashboard – Your home base. Featured content, announcements, and information on live events will be posted here.

My courses – All the courses you have access to.

Content library – This is where all the “non-course” stuff is gathered, like webinar recording and roadmaps.

Achievements – All the badges you can earn. Meant to be a fun way to track your progress.

Forums – Ask dog questions, vent about your puppy troubles, share your wins, and meet other dog owners.

Here’s a more detailed orientation video:

Info for All-Access Pass holders

Your membership is set to renew automatically. If you cancel, you’ll have access to the Academy for the remainder of the subscription period (either 30 or 365 days, depending on your membership), after which it won’t renew.

How do I cancel my membership or change my payment details?

Go to your subscriptions page, which is also accessible by clicking “view/edit membership” in the top navigation bar.

Find the membership you’d like to edit (for most people, that’ll be the monthly or annual membership), then click Cancel, Edit, or Change Plan.

Important: if you’re on a mobile device and the subscription page doesn’t automatically adjust to fit your screen, swipe sideways until the Cancel/Edit buttons appear. Demonstrated in these screenshots: